1: Discover the environmental impact of various plant milks. Choose wisely for a greener future.

2: Almond milk is a popular choice, but its water usage is a concern. Consider more sustainable options.

3: Oat milk is a frontrunner in sustainability. Its low carbon footprint makes it an eco-friendly choice.

4: Soy milk is a versatile and nutritious option. Look for responsibly sourced soy for a sustainable choice.

5: Coconut milk has a significant impact on the environment due to deforestation. Choose alternatives for a greener option.

6: Hemp milk is a nutritious and sustainable choice. Its cultivation requires minimal water and pesticides.

7: Rice milk is not the most sustainable option due to its high water usage. Explore other choices for a greener alternative.

8: Cashew milk is creamy and delicious but has a significant environmental impact. Consider more sustainable options.

9: Consider the environmental footprint of plant milks and choose wisely for a healthier planet. Make a difference with your choice.