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Dynamic warmup bruce lee always started with a vigorous warmup to increase blood flow and flexibility including jumping jacks leg swings and shadowboxing

Strength training incorporate compound movements like squats and deadlifts to build functional strength just like lee did in his workouts

Bodyweight exercises embrace bodyweight exercises like pushups pullups and dips for a sculpted physique and improved martial arts performance

Cardio conditioning lees workouts included intense cardio like running and skipping rope to boost endurance and stamina

Core work prioritize core exercises such as planks and leg raises to enhance balance and power in your martial arts techniques

Speed training develop lightningfast reflexes with reaction drills agility ladder work and speed bag training

Flexibility lees legendary high kicks were a result of rigorous stretching routines so include yoga or dynamic stretching in your regimen

Mental focus incorporate meditation or mindfulness practices to sharpen your mental resilience and concentration during training