1: Sugary Soft Drinks High in empty calories and sugar. Opt for water or unsweetened tea instead.

2: Energy Drinks Loaded with caffeine and sugar. Choose natural sources of energy like fruits and nuts.

3: Flavored Water Often contain added sugars and artificial flavors. Stick to plain water for hydration.

4: Alcoholic Beverages Can lead to liver damage and weight gain. Enjoy in moderation or switch to mocktails.

5: Fruit Juices High in sugar and lacking fiber. Eat whole fruits instead for better health benefits.

6: Soda Water Carbonated drinks can cause bloating and tooth decay. Choose still water for hydration.

7: Sweetened Teas Packed with added sugars. Brew your own unsweetened tea for a healthier option.

8: Creamy Cocktails High in calories and saturated fats. Opt for lighter options like wine or spritzers.

9: Sports Drinks Contain high amounts of sugar and artificial ingredients. Stick to water for hydration during workouts.