1: 1. "Darvey" fans rejoice as Sarah Rafferty's Donna and Harvey get their own spotlight. 2. Gina Torres shines in her own legal drama, showcasing Jessica Pearson's power moves.

2: 3. From Chicago to Seattle, the suits spinoff universe expands with new locations. 4. Suits: Second City sees Harvey Specter face off against old foes in a new setting.

3: 5. Yellowstone crossover brings John Dutton's world to the suits universe. 6. Harvey and Beth Dutton team up in a legal battle that rocks both worlds.

4: 7. Hidden gem: Alex Williams takes center stage in Suits: Chicago Justice. 8. Katrina Bennett's rise in the legal world is chronicled in Suits: Women of Power.

5: 9. Louis Litt's journey continues in Suits: Litt Behind, diving into his personal life. 10. Mike Ross makes a surprise return in a spinoff focused on the post-Suits era.

6: 11. Harvey and Beth Dutton's romance takes a complicated turn in Yellowstone: Legal Affairs. 12. Samantha Wheeler's mysterious past is explored in a thrilling crossover event.

7: 13. Hidden gem: Rachel Zane returns to New York in Suits: The Return. 14. Darvey's wedding brings tears and laughter in a special event miniseries.

8: 15. Harvey's mentorship of a young legal prodigy is the focus of Suits: Legacy. 16. Jessica Pearson's journey to redemption takes a new turn in Pearson: Rise to Power.

9: 17. Hidden gem: Mike Ross and Harvey Specter team up one last time in Suits: Endgame. 18. The Suits spinoff universe continues to expand, proving that sometimes the student outsmarts the master.