1: 1. The show was inspired by real-life crimes. 2. Matthew McConaughey almost turned down the role. 3. The Yellow King is a reference to a real book.

2: 4. Season one's ending was kept secret from the cast. 5. Fukunaga left after season one due to creative differences. 6. Vince Vaughn was considered for a lead role.

3: 7. The show's opening credits change each season. 8. The show's creator drew inspiration from his own life. 9. The show is heavily influenced by the works of Thomas Ligotti.

4: 10. The show's anthology format allows for different settings and characters. 11. Critics initially compared the show to other crime dramas. 12. The show was praised for its strong character development.

5: 13. The show's dialogue is known for its philosophical and existential themes. 14. The show has been nominated for multiple awards. 15. The show's soundtrack features a mix of blues and indie rock.

6: 16. The show's themes include corruption, moral decay, and redemption. 17. The show explores the darker side of human nature. 18. The show has a cult following among fans of crime dramas.

7: 19. The show has been praised for its complex storytelling and nonlinear structure. 20. The show's cinematography is often compared to a film. 21. The show's lead characters have faced personal struggles and demons.

8: 22. The show has been praised for its gritty and realistic portrayal of crime. 23. The show's tone and atmosphere are dark and brooding. 24. The show's iconic imagery has left a lasting impact on pop culture.

9: 25. The show's success has led to merchandise, fan theories, and spin-offs. 26. The show's legacy continues to influence crime dramas. 27. The show has been praised for reshaping the television landscape.