1: 1. Louisiana Bayou Discover the eerie swamplands featured in Season 1 of True Detective.

2: 2. Los Angeles Explore the dark underbelly of LA in Season 2 of True Detective.

3: 3. Ozarks, Missouri Delve into the secrets of the Ozarks in Season 3 of True Detective.

4: 4. Vinci, California Uncover corruption in the fictional city of Vinci in Season 2.

5: 5. Carcosa Step into the twisted world of Carcosa in Season 1 of True Detective.

6: 6. Arkansas Follow the detectives as they investigate crimes in rural Arkansas.

7: 7. New Orleans Experience the rich history and culture of New Orleans in Season 3.

8: 8. Vinci, California Discover the seedy underbelly of Vinci, California in Season 2.

9: 9. Pizzolatto Learn more about creator Nic Pizzolatto's inspirations for True Detective locations.