1: 1. "New character Roxanne shakes things up." 2. "Old rivalries resurface between Beth and Jamie." 3. "Unexpected twist in the Dutton family."

2: 4. "Loyalties are tested in the fight for power." 5. "A shocking betrayal rocks the Yellowstone Ranch." 6. "Who will survive the season finale?"

3: 7. "Dramatic showdown between Rip and Walker." 8. "Secrets from the past come back to haunt the Duttons." 9. "Heart-wrenching sacrifices are made for love."

4: 10. "Ranch faces new threats from outside forces." 11. "Will Tate follow in his family's footsteps?" 12. "Unexpected alliances are formed in the battle for control."

5: 13. "Kayce's past comes back to haunt him." 14. "Beth's loyalties are put to the test." 15. "John Dutton faces his toughest challenge yet."

6: 16. "Rip's loyalty is tested like never before." 17. "A new enemy emerges in the fight for the ranch." 18. "Betrayal hits close to home for the Duttons."

7: 19. "Jamie's past sins catch up to him." 20. "Rival ranchers threaten the Yellowstone legacy." 21. "Tensions flare between the Dutton siblings."

8: 22. "Family secrets are exposed in a shocking twist." 23. "Conflict escalates to a dangerous level at the ranch." 24. "Will the Duttons be torn apart for good?"

9: 25. "New alliances are formed in the fight for survival." 26. "The Yellowstone Ranch faces its biggest threat yet." 27. "Season finale cliffhanger leaves fans on the edge of their seats."