1: Rust Cohle's monologue in the interrogation room is a haunting display of introspection and vulnerability.

2: The tracking shot in "Who Goes There" is a masterclass in tension-building and visual storytelling.

3: Lisa's escape in "Seeing Things" showcases the show's penchant for intense, heart-pounding action sequences.

4: The single-take shootout in "Down Will Be Come" is a gritty, unflinching scene that leaves a lasting impact.

5: The eerie church scene in "Haunted Houses" perfectly captures the show's dark, atmospheric tone.

6: Marty and Rust's confrontation in "After You've Gone" is a tense, emotionally charged moment of reckoning.

7: The tracking shot in "Form and Void" is a visually arresting sequence that highlights the show's cinematic flair.

8: Frank's final moments in "Omega Station" are a powerful, tragic conclusion to his character arc.

9: The closing scene in "Now Am Found" ties up the series with a poetic, meditative reflection on the nature of truth and justice.