1: 1. Rust Cohle is the Yellow King. 2. The spiral symbol is key. 3. Marty and Rust are stuck in a time loop.

2: 4. The show is a metaphor for the battle between good and evil. 5. Rust and Marty are actually the same person. 6. The show is a commentary on the nature of reality.

3: 7. The detectives are trapped in purgatory. 8. The true killer is never revealed. 9. The show is a dream within a dream.

4: 10. Rust's daughter is somehow connected to the murders. 11. The entire investigation is a conspiracy. 12. The characters are all figments of Rust's imagination.

5: 13. Rust is actually a serial killer. 14. Marty's family is in on the murders. 15. The show is a modern retelling of a classic myth.

6: 16. The detectives are actually aliens. 17. The show takes place in a parallel universe. 18. The killer is a supernatural entity.

7: 19. Marty and Rust are both dead. 20. The detectives are in a mental asylum. 21. The show is a simulation.

8: 22. The true killer is someone unexpected. 23. Rust is the only real person in the story. 24. The entire investigation is a test.

9: 25. The show is a cautionary tale about the dangers of obsession. 26. Marty and Rust are both hallucinating. 27. The killer is a time traveler.