1: Suit up with these dream cameos in the Mike and Harvey reunion. From Dana Scott to Jessica Pearson, the gang is back together.

2: Louis Litt could make a dramatic entrance at the reunion. Will he join forces with Mike and Harvey once again?

3: Rachel Zane's return to the firm would bring a touch of glamour to the reunion. Will she be back for good?

4: Donna Paulsen's sharp wit and impeccable style would be a welcome addition to the reunion. Will she make an appearance?

5: Alex Williams could shake things up at the reunion. Will his loyalty lie with Mike and Harvey once more?

6: Brian Zang would bring his legal expertise to the reunion. Will he help the team navigate their latest challenge?

7: Gretchen Bodinski's no-nonsense attitude could be just what the reunion needs. Will she come to the team's aid?

8: Robert Zane's presence at the reunion could complicate matters. Will he be a friend or foe to Mike and Harvey?

9: With these potential cameos, the Mike and Harvey reunion promises to be an unforgettable event. Stay tuned for more updates.