1: 1. Portability: The new iPad is lightweight and easy to carry around. 2. Touchscreen: No need for a mouse or keyboard with its intuitive interface.

2: 3. App Store: Access to millions of apps optimized for the iPad. 4. Battery life: Long-lasting battery for all-day use without needing a charge.

3: 5. Performance: The iPad's A14 Bionic chip outperforms many laptops. 6. Camera quality: High-resolution camera for clear video calls and photos.

4: 7. Security: Face ID and Touch ID for secure access to your device. 8. Multitasking: Run multiple apps simultaneously with ease on the iPad.

5: 9. Affordability: The new iPad offers premium features at a lower cost than many laptops. 10. Accessories: Add a keyboard or Apple Pencil for enhanced productivity.

6: 11. Integration: Seamlessly sync with other Apple devices for a cohesive experience. 12. Updates: Regular updates ensure your iPad stays fast and secure.

7: 13. Creative capabilities: Use Apple's creative tools for drawing, photo editing, and more. 14. Entertainment: Enjoy games, movies, and music on the vibrant iPad screen.

8: 15. Versatility: From work to play, the new iPad can handle it all with ease. 16. Connectivity: Wi-Fi and cellular options keep you connected wherever you go.

9: 17. Customer support: Access Apple's renowned customer service for assistance when needed. 18. Sustainability: The new iPad is made with recycled materials for a greener choice.