1: 1. The return of fan-favorite characters 2. Unexpected alliances form 3. Betrayals that will leave viewers stunned

2: 4. Secrets from the past come to light 5. Explosive confrontations shake the ranch 6. Cliffhangers that will have fans buzzing

3: 7. New threats put the Duttons in danger 8. Romance and heartbreak collide 9. Jaw-dropping twists you won't see coming

4: 10. Character deaths that will shock the audience 11. Power struggles reach a boiling point 12. The legacy of the Dutton family is tested

5: 13. High-stakes decisions with lasting consequences 14. Unexpected guest stars make their mark 15. The battle for control of Yellowstone heats up

6: 16. Revelations that change everything 17. Loyalties are tested like never before 18. The stakes have never been higher

7: 19. Family bonds are pushed to the limit 20. The past comes back to haunt the present 21. Trust is betrayed in unexpected ways

8: 22. Regrets and mistakes lead to deadly consequences 23. The Duttons' darkest hour approaches 24. The fight for survival begins

9: 25. The truth will set them free or destroy them 26. A reckoning is on the horizon 27. Season 5 Part 2 will leave fans speechless.