6 Best 20 Min Ab Workout For Students With Tight Schedules.

6 best 20 min ab workout for students with tight schedules

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Plank it out the classic plank is a timeefficient ab exercise that engages your core muscles and can be done in as little as 5 minutes a day

Office chair leg raises engage your lower abs by doing leg raises while seated making it easy to fit into your workday

Kitchen counter knee tucks while cooking or doing dishes use your kitchen counter for knee tucks targeting your lower abs

Staircase climbing utilize stairs for a quick ab workout—climbing up and down engages your core and burns calories

Tv time bicycle crunches multitask during your favorite shows by doing bicycle crunches for strong obliques

Plank variations add excitement to your routine with plank variations like side planks forearm planks and mountain climbers

10minute ab blast dedicate just 10 minutes before or after work to a highintensity ab workout to maintain a strong core more stories here