1: 1. Beth and Rip find love in the wild. 2. Kayce and Monica's bond deepens. 3. Jamie's redemption story unfolds.

2: 4. John and Evelyn's enduring love. 5. Teeter and Colby's unexpected romance. 6. Trey and Laramie's passionate connection.

3: 1. Spinoff explores Mayfeld adventures. 2. Suit's Harvey Specter explores Yellowstone. 3. Beth Dutton crossover leads to thrilling plot twist.

4: 4. Hidden gem: Thomas Rainwater's backstory. 5. Monica's sister brings fresh drama. 6. Beth uncovers a long-lost family secret.

5: 1. Kelsey Asbille's stunning performance. 2. Rainwater's rise to power explored. 3. Jamie's shocking betrayal shakes the foundation.

6: 4. Hidden gem: Avery Collins' intriguing past. 5. John Dutton's mysterious connection to suits. 6. Beth Dutton's fashion steals the show.

7: 1. Secrets unearthed in Montana wilderness. 2. Drama intensifies with new alliances. 3. Spinoff characters clash with Yellowstone favorites.

8: 4. Hidden gem: Behind-the-scenes of Mayfeld Ranch. 5. River Run's expansion leads to conflict. 6. Season finale cliffhanger leaves fans on edge.

9: 1. Future crossover possibilities teased. 2. Spinoff's impact on Yellowstone explored. 3. Endless romance and drama await fans.