1: 1. Apple Glass: Augmented reality glasses for immersive experiences. 2. Apple Car: Electric vehicle with self-driving capabilities. 3. Apple Health: Advanced health tracking features. 4. Apple Watch 7: New design and upgraded health sensors.

2: 5. Apple HomePod: Smart speaker with improved AI technology. 6. Apple MacBook Pro 2021: More powerful and efficient. 7. Apple AirTags: Bluetooth trackers to find lost items. 8. Apple TV 2021: Enhanced streaming services and content.

3: 9. Apple Foldable iPhone: Rumored foldable smartphone in the works. 10. Apple AirPods 3: Redesigned for better sound quality and comfort. 11. Apple AR/VR Headset: Virtual reality and augmented reality device. 12. Apple Neural Engine: Advanced machine learning capabilities.

4: 13. Apple M2 Chip: Next-generation processor for faster performance. 14. Apple Studio Display: High-resolution monitor for professional use. 15. Apple Music Lossless: High-fidelity audio streaming service. 16. Apple iMac Pro: Pro-level desktop computer with top-tier specs.

5: 17. Apple Store Redesign: Revamped retail stores for better customer experience. 18. Apple Fitness+: Expanded workout programs and features. 19. Apple MagSafe Accessories: Enhanced charging and mounting options. 20. Apple AR Glasses: Stylish augmented reality glasses for everyday use.

6: 21. Apple ProRAW: Professional photography features on iPhone. 22. Apple CarKey: Digital car key on your iPhone. 23. Apple Silicon Mac Pro: Powerhouse desktop computer with Apple chip. 24. Apple Podcasts Subscriptions: Ad-free and exclusive content.

7: 25. Apple Watch Sleep Tracking: Monitor your sleep patterns. 26. Apple Headphones: Premium over-ear headphones with noise cancellation. 27. Apple Pro Display XDR: Ultra-high-definition monitor for professionals. 28. Apple Fitness Tracker: Wearable device for tracking health and fitness.

8: 29. Apple ARKit 5: Updated augmented reality development platform. 30. Apple TV+ Originals: Exclusive TV shows and movies. 31. Apple AirPods Max 2: Second-generation premium headphones. 32. Apple HomeKit: Smart home automation platform for Apple devices.

9: 33. Apple Music Voice Plan: Affordable music streaming with Siri integration. 34. Apple Watch SE 2: Budget-friendly smartwatch with essential features. 35. Apple Glasses Accessories: Stylish accessories for Apple Glass wearers.