1: 1. Mike and Harvey reunite as law partners. 2. They navigate new cases with wit and charm.

2: 3. Old enemies resurface, testing their loyalty. 4. Their unbreakable bond shines through adversity.

3: 5. Harvey mentors Mike, passing on his expertise. 6. Mike proves himself as a formidable lawyer.

4: 7. Unexpected alliances shake up the firm. 8. Mike and Harvey face moral dilemmas together.

5: 9. Secrets from the past threaten their future. 10. Tension simmers as they tackle high-stakes cases.

6: 11. Family ties deepen their connection. 12. Mike's determination and Harvey's brilliance shine.

7: 13. Their dynamic partnership prevails through challenges. 14. The courtroom becomes their battlefield once again.

8: 15. Mike and Harvey evolve as legal titans. 16. Their reunion brings justice and redemption.

9: 17. Fans cheer as the dynamic duo returns to glory. 18. Mike and Harvey redefine the meaning of loyalty.