1: 1. The Yellow King reveal leaves viewers stunned. 2. Rust Cohle's epic one-shot fight scene wows. 3. Ledeoux's twisted, graphic crimes shock audiences.

2: 4. Rust's dark, philosophical musings unsettle viewers. 5. The Carcosa cult's disturbing rituals horrify fans. 6. Marty Hart's dark secrets come to light.

3: 7. The shocking betrayal of Cohle's partner hurts. 8. Errol Childress' chilling presence haunts the series. 9. Marty's family drama takes a dark turn.

4: 10. The eerie videotape discovery leaves a mark. 11. Cohle's tragic backstory is revealed. 12. The chilling Reggie Ledoux standoff grips viewers.

5: 13. The final confrontation with the killer shocks. 14. Marty's heartbreaking family revelations stun. 15. The shocking fate of key characters leaves fans reeling.

6: 16. The eerie Lafayette murders shake the town. 17. Rust's psychic visions offer an unsettling twist. 18. The Warren Tuttle case highlights corruption.

7: 19. The devastating loss of Grace shakes Marty. 20. The disturbing Tuttle family secrets come to light. 21. Cohle's unsettling connection to the case revealed.

8: 22. Marty's unraveling personal life shocks viewers. 23. The chilling spiral of death grips the town. 24. Cohle's pursuit of justice takes a dark turn.

9: 25. The shocking conspiracy at play is unveiled. 26. Marty's shocking realization changes everything. 27. Cohle's relentless pursuit of truth shocks all.