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5 fiber packed mediterranean smoothie idea for your busy morning

Lets start

Berry bliss smoothie – blend together mixed berries greek yogurt spinach and chia seeds – packed with antioxidants fiber and protein to fuel your day

Green energy boost – combine kale banana almond milk flaxseeds and a touch of honey – a nutritious fiberrich smoothie that provides sustained energy

Tropical paradise delight – mix mango pineapple coconut milk and a scoop of oats – a taste of the mediterranean with a tropical twist and fiber punch

Creamy fig walnut wonder – blend figs walnuts dates greek yogurt and a dash of cinnamon – creamy fiberloaded goodness reminiscent of mediterranean desserts

Nutty date oat elixir – blend dates oats almond butter cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg – a rich fiberpacked smoothie thats a true mediterranean treat

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