1: Track Your Workouts Stay on top of your fitness goals by tracking your workouts with the Apple Watch.

2: Heart Rate Monitoring Monitor your heart rate in real time to optimize your exercise routine.

3: Activity Rings Stay motivated to move more with the visual feedback of your activity rings.

4: Workout App Access a variety of workout options right on your wrist with the Workout app.

5: Built-in GPS Track your outdoor workouts accurately with the Apple Watch's built-in GPS.

6: Automatic Workout Detection Never miss credit for your exercise – the Apple Watch automatically detects when you're working out.

7: Water Resistance Take your workouts to the pool or beach with the Apple Watch's water resistance.

8: Customizable Goals Set personalized fitness goals and track your progress with the Apple Watch.

9: Fitness Challenges Compete with friends and family in fitness challenges to stay motivated and reach your goals.