1: The Yellow King, a mysterious figure from Season 1, continues to linger in our minds.

2: The Lumberjack, from Season 2, brings a sense of dread to every scene.

3: The Chessani family, from Season 2, embodies corruption and power.

4: The haunting presence of the masked figures in Season 3 leaves viewers unsettled.

5: The emotionally disturbed Errol Childress from Season 1 remains a chilling figure.

6: The manipulative Frank Semyon, from Season 2, is a master of deception.

7: The enigmatic Hoyt family, from Season 3, raises questions of sinister motives.

8: The elusive Nic Pizzolatto crafts villains who leave a lasting impression.

9: True Detective's villains are a masterclass in suspense and psychological terror.