1: Rust Cohle - Dive deep into the mind of this enigmatic detective in his own thrilling spinoff series.

2: Marty Hart - Follow this flawed but dedicated cop on his own gripping adventures beyond True Detective.

3: Ray Velcoro - Explore the dark and complex past of this haunted detective in a riveting spinoff saga.

4: Ani Bezzerides - Uncover the untold stories of this fierce and fearless investigator in her own captivating series.

5: Amelia Reardon - Witness the mysterious and compelling tales of this enigmatic writer and detective in her own spinoff.

6: Frank Semyon - Delve into the criminal underworld with this complex character in his own intense spinoff series.

7: Nic Pizzolatto - See the mastermind behind True Detective himself in a behind-the-scenes spinoff like never before.

8: True Crime Chronicles - Follow the interconnected lives of these unforgettable characters in a gripping anthology spinoff.

9: True Detective: The Next Generation - Get ready for a new generation of detectives in this thrilling spinoff series.