1: "Partners in Crime" - Michael Weatherly's DiNozzo says, "I wish I could unhear that."

2: "Comedy Gold" - DiNozzo: "I don't mind stealing TV trays, but don't steal my Thunder."

3: "Classic Banter" - DiNozzo to Gibbs: "I'll bet you a dollar I'm right." Gibbs: "You're on."

4: "Timeless Humor" - DiNozzo: "The universe is talking to me, and I'm not even listening."

5: "Emotional Impact" - DiNozzo: "Sometimes you have to let the person you love walk away."

6: "Witty Wisdom" - DiNozzo: "If you're gonna be bad, be bad with purpose."

7: "Endearing Charm" - DiNozzo: "Well, I'm definitely very handsome."

8: "Memorable Lines" - DiNozzo: "A tuxedo isn't uniform, it's costume. Dress blues, that's uniform."

9: "Iconic Character" - DiNozzo: "You’re like dial-up internet. We've all moved on to WiFi."