1: Barcelona - Explore the vibrant city, from stunning architecture to delicious tapas.

2: Madrid - Immerse in Spanish culture with museums, parks, and bustling markets.

3: Seville - Discover the charm of this historic city with flamenco shows and stunning palaces.

4: Granada - Marvel at the majestic Alhambra and wander through the ancient Albaicin.

5: Valencia - Relax on beautiful beaches and enjoy the city's futuristic architecture.

6: Malaga - Experience the perfect blend of history, art, and Mediterranean coastline.

7: San Sebastian - Indulge in foodie heaven with pintxos and beautiful beaches.

8: Cordoba - Step back in time in the stunning Mezquita and explore quaint streets.

9: Bilbao - Visit the iconic Guggenheim Museum and savor delicious Basque cuisine.